Pastor Jed Markwood


I have been made new through the hope and holiness of Jesus Christ! It is our prayer that so have you. If not, how can I help you take the next step?

Having been in youth ministry for over fifteen years, the youth and families I have been blessed to serve are now brothers and sisters in Christ. Wrapping up my first year as pastor of Winchester Wesleyan, I find myself doing the same thing I have always been doing, encouraging people to take the next best step in their faith journey.  

I grew up in Winchester and loved my church and church family. However, when Tiffany and I attended Houghton we experienced a corporate faith that changed our expectation of what a faith community could be. Upon moving back to Winchester, there was no Wesleyan prescence in our area. We longed for that kind of faith community to be available in this community. 

God's timing revealed an opportunity for us to help build the kingdom here in Winchester by developing a congregation in 2015. Being obedient to God's call on our lives, my wife Tiffany and our two children Tea and Joah, have been faithful to establish a church home for us and for you.

Life is never easy, but together, we can be be transformed and made new. If you are looking for a church to call home and longing for genuine connection, let us help. Even if we aren't the right fit, chances are we can point you in the right direction. Jesus longs for each of us to be in deeper relationship with Him. It is our prayer you are falling deeper in love with Him each day! 

(540) 722-5640